Luxury Lash Cleansing Kit


"Indulge in luxury lash care for stunning, refreshed eyes."

"Indulge in a luxurious and gentle lash cleansing experience with our exclusive Lash Cleaning Kit. Designed for the discerning and stylish wealthy woman, this kit includes everything you need to keep your lashes looking and feeling their best.

The Lash Shampoo is formulated with nourishing ingredients that cleanse and refresh your lashes, while the Lash Washing Machine is the perfect tool to gently clean them. Whether you're a frequent wearer of false lashes or simply want to maintain the health and beauty of your natural lashes, this kit is an essential addition to your beauty routine."



Add Water to "Lash Washer" Remove access glue with fingers or GGC Tweezers, dispense 2-4 pumps into washer, hold down button, (removing basket is recommended) ... Wash for 20-40 Sec or until lashes are clean, place on lash tray, RESHAPE & Air Dry