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Includes: lash undies, liner, clear and Blk glue, tweezers, lash ash machine, lash shampoo, glam fan

💰#LashUNDIES 💰Want the Barbie look!? Well #lashUNDIES Wea da money reside!!! 
☝🏽The ONLY bottom lashes like this on the market!! #Patentpending design offering 2 lengths, w/individually placed, REUSABLE, #bottomlashes to customize your makeup look!! 
❌No more cutting up random lashes❌No more guessing how your look will turn out❌no more cutting up strip lashes no more WAY TOO LONG bottom lashes
FREE 💰#VIPlineR💰•WATERPROOF•Doesn’t SKIP (meaning it doesn’t get caught on your eye or dries out which cause it’s to NOT MAKE smooth lines)•DRIES QUICKLY = (less mistakes)•PRETTY AF packaging •HIGH QUALITY
💎SHE.E.O Tweezers 💎💰Unique shape allows for Percision placement💰Luxury coating allows for tight grip on lash💰Bright pink so they are easy to find

💰 💰 GGC "Wealthy AF" Clear 🖤eyelash glue doubles as an eyeliner. Just draw the brush-tip applicator across your lid like a normal liquid liner, then, while it’s still tacky, stick on your lashes to adhere them to your lash line. The rest of the pigment will dry down to a slightly glasslike finish.