Wealthy AF Lash Glue

GGC "Wealthy AF" eyelash glue doubles as an eyeliner. Just draw the felt-tip applicator across your lid like a normal liquid liner, then, while it’s still tacky, stick on your lashes to adhere them to your lash line. The rest of the pigment will dry down to a slightly glasslike finish.

TIP: This formula is quick drying so only wait about 10 second, then apply lash.

What it is:

A lash adhesive when wet, and an intense black pigment eyeliner once dry, streamline your routine with this innovative, hybrid formula. 

This formulation is LATEX-FREE and WATERPROOF, perfect for latex sensitive and contact wearing individuals.

Blush applicator allows for smooth precise application.


CLEAR formula is great for "lashUNDIES" is great for undetectable lash application.

BLACK formula is good for everyday use and when you want to skip the liner process, this can double as a glue and liner.


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