Rich "Undies" Bundle

ltimate Glam Bundle: Essential Tools for Perfect LashUNDIES Application - Lowest Prices of the Year!

This bundle includes essential items for applying #LashUNDIES bottom lashes. Perfectly paired with clear glue to stay invisible under the eye, round-tip tweezers for safety, and eyeliner to complete your look. All products come in a silk keepsake MONEY BAG, scented with baccarat and wrapped in rose gold money print tissue paper. With a total value of $150, it's now only $49!

Bundle Highlights:

  • #LashUNDIES: Customizable, reusable bottom lashes with 2 lengths. No more cutting or guessing – just perfect lashes every time!
  • GGC "Wealthy AF" Clear Eyelash Glue: Invisible under the eye and doubles as eyeliner. Brush-tip applicator for flawless application.
  • SHE.E.O Tweezers: Unique shape for precise placement, luxury coating for a tight grip, and round tips for safety.
  • FREE VIP LineR: Waterproof, quick-drying eyeliner that ensures smooth, skip-free lines. High-quality, pretty packaging.


  • Silk Keepsake MONEY BAG: Baccarat-scented with rose gold money print tissue paper.
  • Exclusive Bottom Lashes: The only patent-pending design on the market.
  • High-Quality Accessories: Top-tier tweezers and multifunctional eyelash glue.

πŸ’° Elevate your lash game where the money resides! Grab the Ultimate Glam Bundle now for just $49! πŸ’°